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Yeah America and England speak the same language, and we’ve pretty much adopted Will and Kate as Prince and Princess of our hearts, but Buzzfeed went and proved that just because both countries can agree on The Office and Harry Potter, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they share the same taste in fast food.

America undoubtedly defined and revolutionized the term “fast food.” In a nation that is constantly on the go and moving forward, it behooves one to be able to nourish themselves in a timely manner so as to quickly make it to work on time or multitask during lunch hour. Sometimes. Fast food obviously has been subject to criticism during the last few decades since it contains more fat and chemically altered foods, not to mention those indoor playgrounds can be pretty disgusting. McDonald’s, a restaurant that needs no introduction, pioneered fast food in America and has hundreds of locations around the world with many countries altering the standard American menu to better suit their surroundings.

Sri Lankan Mickey D’s serve rice, burgers can come with parmesan cheese in Italy, and you better believe chicken sandwiches come with peppers in Mexico. The Queen’s country decided to have its McDonald’s pay homage to the restaurant’s origins and add an American section to their menu, including sandwiches named after states. When Americans tried these items, they were surprised at some of the Brit’s takes on things like barbeque sauce and bacon, calling their version of the sandwich and breakfast food favorite, “Canadian bacon.”

Whether it’s chips or fries on the menu, we appreciate the gesture nonetheless, England.


What do you think of the UK’s American menu?

photo credit: charliebarker via photopin cc