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Finals, finals, finals. They must seem never-ending at this point. Mass amounts of coffee and Red Bull seem to do nothing, a super high sugar intake just makes you crash, and you’re running low on ramen and Easy Mac. Your life is defined by all-nighters galore. “Is this what hell feels like?” you find yourself wondering. You start to resent college. You find yourself salivating over the thought of going home and eating real food, seeing your pets, visiting friends back home, and spending entire days at the beach. You’re almost done with that history paper, but you find yourself drifting off every few minutes. We know that feel, bro. And so do these adorable animals.

Compilariz has put together the cutest video of animals (puppies, cats, rabbits, etc.) desperately trying to stay awake, just like you’re trying to do right now. The only thing we don’t like about this video is that, while these animals look super cute and cuddly while they’re trying to stay awake, it only reinforces the realization that “cute” is not quite the word used to describe us during exams week. We’re more like “hot mess” if you ask us, and we’re sure you probably agree. Unless you’re lucky and don’t have finals/are finished with exams. In which case, we’re super jealous. In any case, check out the video below. It’s sure to make you go, “awww!”

What do you think of these adorable animals trying to stay awake?