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Prom wasn’t that long ago, was it? Well whether you’re a freshman and your prom memories feel like only yesterday, or you’re a second semester senior and prom feels like decades ago, we’re pretty sure you can still relate to the joy (or horror) of attending. And that’s why we loved Audi’s Super Bowl commercial last night – it was relatable even years after going to prom, and not only was it relatable, it was inspiring in a very timeless, Pretty in Pink sort of way.

If you didn’t already see it (shame on you!) just picture this: adorably nerdy outcast is upset about going to prom alone. Adorably nerdy outcast’s father surprises him by letting him borrow his new Audi A6 for the night in an attempt to cheer him up. Adorably nerdy outcast builds up his confidence on his way to the prom, eventually arriving at the school, parking in the principal’s spot, sauntering in to the dance and kissing the beautiful prom queen in front of everyone. Adorably nerdy outcast gets punched in the face by the prom king (but he doesn’t care because hey, he just proved he was a total badass!) and happily drives home, content with the crazy amount of bravery he displayed.

We liked a lot of the Super Bowl commercials last night, but this one was by far our favorite because it tugged at our high-school-memory heartstrings and we just love a great tale of courage and badass-ness. Seriously, we dare you to look us in the face and tell us that you’re not totally jealous of this fictional adorably nerdy outcast. Check out the video below!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Tell us in the comments!