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If you’re an intern, or have ever interned, you can definitely relate to this BuzzFeed video 9 Awkward Moments Only Interns Can Understand. The hilarious video includes many of our favorite Muppets, including Miss Piggy, The Swedish Chef, Animal, Fozzie, and Rowlf. 

Interning has some great perks such as networking, experience, possible class credit, and pay (if you’re one of the lucky few!) We all complain about our internship experiences, even though we know we should be grateful — we still can’t ignore that interning has quite a few downfalls as well. Some of the struggles we interns experience on a daily basis? Higher-ups at the company often forget your name,  sometimes you’re expected to do things you have no clue how to do, your boss makes you feel super anxious whenever you see him or her, you always feel the need to compete with other interns, and you seem to get caught goofing off far too often. If you thought you were alone in these problems, you are most certainly not. Feel the pain and struggle of interning experienced by your favorite Muppets characters.

The video is humorous (especially due to those timeless Muppets characters with which we are all so lovingly familiar), but have you ever had an internship so awful that you would rather have no internship at all? Some internship programs, like Conde Nast, have had to terminate their programs because they treated interns so badly. Or have you had a wonderful internship that has provided you with unparalleled experience? Whether it’s a good internship or a bad internship, you’re bound to encounter awkward moments on a daily basis.

What awkward intern moments have you experienced?