I know, I know – this is a little bit late to the Harlem Shake party. But, don’t blame me for tardiness! (I mean, I did post a Harlem Shake roundup a month and a half ago, so really, don’t blame SC.) Actually, blame the Backstreet Boys. They’re the ones who showed up more than fashionably late to the Harlem Shake soirée. They just made a Harlem Shake video and I would be one awful, awful 90s kid if I didn’t share it with you. (P.S. I am writing this post while listening to 98 Degrees and it feels a little sacrilegious. Though, it could be worse. I could be listening to ‘N Sync.) Even though all of us at SC, myself included, are way beyond over the Harlem Shake, I had to share. You would probably hate me forever if I didn’t expose you to this video and there’s no way I’d risk that. So, I’m posting a belated Harlem Shake video and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Anyway, lets talk more about the Backstreet Boys. I’m not sure what made them decide to make a Harlem Shake video but I am oddly intrigued. It is BSB after all, and I cannot deny my undying love for them. (And I am not ashamed to admit that. Not even on the Internet. It’s a well known fact by now anyway.) As far as the video goes, the only thing I can really say I response to seeing Nick Carter gyrate in tiny little briefs and Kevin Richardson thrusting in a creepy bunny costume is this: it is quite possibly simultaneously the most disturbing and the most fabulously awesome thing you will probably ever see. I’ll just leave you with that while you watch.

What are your thoughts on the Backstreet Boys doing the Harlem Shake?