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Watching news bloopers may be one of our favorite (admittedly bummy) pastimes. It’s hard to explain, but when a news anchor says “titties” instead of “cities,” we can’t quite control ourselves. It’s undeniably one of the most immature brands of humor, and we absolutely love it. There’s something about the way anchors must handle their uber-awkward (probably Freudian) slips on live television that makes us cringe, and then furiously hope for another mistake.


The video below provides us with yet another hilarious news blooper roundup circa February 2014. It’s kind of a double whammy winner: it provides us with some world-class on-screen blunders while simultaneously reminding us how horrible the month of February is (a ton of the clips take place in snowy, icy, frigid-looking surroundings…no thanks).

Obviously some of the screw-ups are better than others–after all, the video below packs a whole seven minutes worth of mistakes. There are also some non-bloopers, just all around inappropriate-for-TV comments that make viewers LOL (happily) and anchors gasp (uncomfortably).

Some of our personal faves include one man’s comparison of Justin Bieber and winter: both were cute and exciting at first, but are now obnoxious and would be better off staying in Canada. Agreed (with the second half of his comment, at least). Another hilarious moment? When a couple stopped to tell a newscaster that running  like they were on the snow-covered street was perfect because it was low-impact and the snow was dry so their feet didn’t get wet. The woman from the couple subsequently suffered one of the best wipeouts of all time a mere eight seconds after making that comment (pictured above). In all seriousness, that fall was probably really painful. We feel cruel for finding it amusing, but…could we rewind it? Just one last time?

Another cringe-worthy on-air moment: when a supposed entertainment correspondent for KTLA 5 mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. Jackson responded along the lines of “We may both be famous and black, but we don’t look alike.” This one didn’t bring the LOLs so much as the “Yikes…” Who thinks that KTLA 5 guy is out of a job right about now? We sure do.

What is your favorite on-air blunder?