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Fans of both South Park and Book of Mormon have been waiting for this!…and we must thank Simon Chong who has no affiliation to either the cartoon or the Broadway show. This seems ironic, as you would think Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of both Book of Mormon and South Park would have jumped on this opportunity! But perhaps they are a little distracted with their success right now like the nine Tony Awards (including Best Musical) that they have received for the show.  But we must credit Chong, who does a pretty good job with the animation and coordination with the voices of the song “Hello” which is now stuck in our heads and we will most likely be singing for the rest of the day.

So far, fans have given Chong purely positive feedback, so he is off to a good start! This is also only his first video and seems as though it is going to be a success.

The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical about two Mormon missionaries who go to northern Uganda, where a war is threatening the population of a small village. As missionaries, these two Mormons are trying to spread their scriptures, but are having trouble reaching their audience who is more concerned with survival and battling famine, war and disease than with religion.

South Park is an animated sitcom that satirizes many ranging topics based on the escapades of four young boys (who make a cameo appearance in this mashup video.)

The coming together of these two types of entertainment allows for an extremely amusing video that will make you want to see both the cartoon and the Broadway show…or the entire Broadway show as the animated sitcom. Either way, we recommend this video!


Have you seen Book of Mormon?