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It’s pretty obvious by now that we’re Breaking Bad fans, right? That’s why, when we saw YouTuber Andrew Huang‘s cover of the theme song, we just had to watch. Did we mention that he recreated the entire song using only a guitar and items commonly found in a meth lab? How’s that for originality!

Andrew used paper towels, frying pans, coffee filters, rubber tubing, buckets, beakers, plastic bottles, and more, although he did admit to speeding up some of the sounds to change the pitch (hey — we don’t care, it’s still pretty damn cool!) And honestly, it’s hard to tell the difference between the real theme song and Andrew’s creative recreation of it. One viewer even commented, “The actual theme song was probably made with meth equipment.” Sounds believable, now.

We’re impressed, and if whether or not you’re a Breaking Bad fan (psh, is or not really even an option?) you will be too. Check it out below and be sure to check out Andrew’s other song challenge covers on his channel.

And now that you’re craving more Breaking Bad thanks to Andrew’s incredible theme song cover, we figured you’ll probably want to see the gag reel for season 5:

What do you think of Andrew Huang’s cover of the Breaking Bad theme?