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When you’re younger, Disney movies are often romanticized. However, hindsight is 20/20 and looking back at them now, well, those princesses didn’t get the best deals did they?

This BuzzFeed video combines two of our favorite things: Disney and Tinder and shows us what it would be like if Disney Princes were real, and more importantly what terrible boyfriends they would be. Prince Charming is a bit of a stuck-up stalker, the beast is a controlling kidnapper, Erik is forgetful. Think of all the nightmare qualities you wouldn’t want in a partner and these Princes have them.

Is your favorite Prince the one from Snow White? Don’t worry, he is creepy and a little possessive. Naveen is a total freeloader and well, do we really need to point out what is wrong with Aladdin? His abs are nice don’t get us wrong, but come on…he might be the worst of them all. Although that is a snappy musical number.

The video is hilarious however it makes you wonder why you ever thought a “happily ever after” was a good idea. Honestly it makes us think that we are better off on our own. Granted we know that the Princesses themselves also have their flaws but man, these dudes are pretty rough.

Check out the video below and try to not let it ruin your childhood too much. We’re sure there is a decent prince out there. Somewhere. Probably. Maybe.

Being single never bothered us anyway!

Which Disney Prince is your favorite?