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Sexism is everywhere. Even though it is 2014, it seems as though society is insistent that there are “boy hobbies and interests” and “girl hobbies and interests” and God forbid a boy likes something “meant” for girls or (the HORROR) if a girl likes something “meant” for boys. One of these instances where the sexism is particularly rampant is the comic book world. It seems that no matter what, girls who like comics just can’t catch a break.

In this video from BuzzFeed Yellow, they depict what it would be like if geek girls acted like geek guys. What if the comic book world was female dominated and the sexism was geared toward men? The girl behind the counter relentlessly hounds the man just trying to buy a comic book.

“How did you get into comics? Was it your mom or sister? You must have a girlfriend who is into comics right?” she says. “Why don’t you try Archie,” she counter offers. As a girl who happens to like comics, I have heard these comics way more than once especially “give me a fact from The Avengers that isn’t from the movie.”

Then of course she gets to the topic of Cosplaying, where she just keeps insisting that the guy must dress as slutty versions of popular superheroes. And that if he cosplays as Drago he is “definitely asking for it.” ┬áThe guy gets more and more frustrated eventually proclaiming that he wishes he could, just one time, go to a comic book shop without getting hit on. These comments are completely ridiculous, and yet they are said, very seriously, to girls all the time. It’s like girls just can’t like comics. Because comics are for boys.

Can we stop being so boring? Thanks.

Check out the video below and if you are a guy who has ever said something like this to a girl: why don’t you check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Have you heard any of these comments before?