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Happy Halloween! I don’t know how you’ll be celebrating, but I’ll be spending my day at work, sad, costume-less, and craving candy corn.

Yeah, I said it. Candy. Corn.  Judge me all you want, but I freakin’ love candy corn. 95% of people I know are like “ugh, I HATE candy corn” when I get excited over my favorite fall treat, and I’m just really sick of it. Candy corn is constantly being judged unfairly. I personally don’t like Snickers bars, but you don’t see me making barf faces every time my friend is like “OMG, I wish I had a Snickers right now.” What’s so different about candy corn, huh? What’s so inherently wrong and evil about candy corn? I don’t get it.

The good news is, we candy corn lovers — however few there may be — are not alone in this time of struggle. BuzzFeed feels our trick or treat pain too! In one of their recent videos, they make the bold and controversial claim that candy corn is actually the best Halloween candy there is. #truth

So what are some of the reasons that candy corn rocks, you ask? Well, the video covers a whole slew of great ones, but these were some of my personal favorites:

  • It tastes the way a hug feels
  • It’s the one friend who will always make out with you when you’re lonely
  • It supports diversity
  • You can wear candy corn as teeth
  • It’s ombre candy (…it’s chic as sh*t)

Thank you, BuzzFeed, for breaking the candy corn stereotype.

Happy Halloween!