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December has the potential to be the greatest month of the year.  Starbucks sell peppermint mochas, everything at the mall is on sale, Christmas music gets played everywhere, holiday parties provide an excuse to get drunk all the time, and you get presents.  All of these things are wonderful, and definitely a time to rejoice.  However, all of these pros of December put together are barely able to cancel out the world’s biggest con: Finals.  At a time when all you should have to worry about is whether you want to make sugar cookies or gingerbread men, college students everywhere are plagued by thoughts of papers and exams, which are the antithesis of holiday fun.

Finals bring so much anxiety that most students spend December in a state between a caffeine overdose and a mental breakdown.  Thanks to the University of Maryland libraries, you can now sing a song about all of your finals anxieties to the tune of a popular holiday song, Carol of the Bells.  The lyrics are spot on, the video is super entertaining, and it is less than a minute long, so its a great way to only waste a little bit of time.  Surely you don’t want to procrastinate…

Do you have “Carol of Final Exams” stuck in your head yet?