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Following the 86th Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel’s star-studded ninth annual post-Oscars special did not disappoint. The comedian gathered several of Hollywood’s biggest names to create four hilarious trailers paying tribute to some of YouTube’s most famous clips. The segment kicked off with “Bitman Begins” which was a clever mashup between Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and the YouTube hit, “Charlie Bit My Finger.” The skit starred the famous brothers, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, with appearances by Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks as well.

The clip featured Chris Hemsworth lamenting an incident with his brother from thirty years prior, while ‘mom’ Meryl Streep tried to comfort him. At the same time, Liam recieved a warning from the ‘jail keeper’ Tom Hanks that Chris was coming for him, and wanted answers from the incident that occurred all of those years ago. And finally as they faced off, Chris and Liam revealed that their story was actually a dramatic spoof of “Charlie Bit My Finger.” So funny.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt also starred in this post-Oscars show, based on the viral video “David After Dentist.” And honestly, this performance itself deserves an Oscar. He was totally committed to his dramatic role as the young boy who was tripping out after his dental surgery. JGL literally had the entire video memorized, down to the timing. He even had an identical outfit to match David in the orginal YouTube video. And of course, he had to have the fake teeth to go along with David’s ten-year-old appearance. Kimmel was obviously blown away by this awesome performance and showed the raw footage from their shoot the night before to show the audience how fantastic of an actor Gordon-Levitt really is. He didn’t even use cue cards, NO CUE CARDS. And that my friends, is talent.

Which video was your favorite?