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Ever wonder why Chicago is called “The Windy City”? What about New Orleans’s nickname, “The Big Easy”? And what exactly is it about NYC that made “The Big Apple” an appropriate label? Buzzfeed’s recent video, “How Did Your City Get Its Nickname?”, answers every one of these questions. You no longer have to toss and turn at night, trying to figure out why Singapore is called “The Lion City” (Oh, you don’t do that…? Awkward). Leave it to Buzzfeed to do your dirty work. They always get it right.

The short and sweet video (featured below) gives quickie explanations for seven world cities’ nicknames: Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Singapore, Boston, and Paris.

Our favorite city nicknames are those with explanations that don’t make quite enough sense to be as commonly used as they are.For example, Chicago is recognized as the windy city, despite Boston, Kansas City, and New York all having higher average wind speeds…Hm… To be honest, we’d really rather focus on Chicago’s absurdly delicious eats than its weather patterns, but maybe that’s just us. #Yeahright.

Another highlight? Boston is called Beantown because baked beans were apparently all the rage in the region during colonial times. As per Wikipedia, though, “This nickname is almost exclusively used by non-Bostonians and is rarely used by natives.” In other words, cue the, “UGH, tourists,” whenever you hear someone refer to Boston as the home of baked beans. I mean seriously, that is so four centuries ago.

As for our hometown, New York City was originally referred to as The Big Apple when a 1909 book was published saying, “The Big Apple gets a disproportionate share of the national sap,” aka NYC is greedy. Buzzfeed views this fact as evidence that our city’s nickname began as an insult. Our interpretation? They’re just jealous.

What city nickname explanation were you most surprised by?