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Boy, do we have a treat for you.

So Halloweekend was a while ago and you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, so what… move on with your lives.” Well, we’re not sure if this video would exist had it not been for Halloween.

Even though we weren’t invited, we are SO thankful that these boys threw a Halloween party at their apartment. How generous of them! But, what we’re even more thankful for is this grown man who cleans the apartment after a night of spilled drinks and god knows what else…WHILE DANCING…WITH ONLY HIS BOXERS ON!

What a catch. A man who dances and cleans half naked the night after a party at his place? Respect.

He was literally dancing as if nobody was watching….buttttt his roommate didn’t hesitate to film his friend when he caught him sweeping while cheerfully sidestepping across from a cardboard skeleton.

The cleaning dancing roommate did appear a bit surprised and p.o’d when he caught his sneaky roommate filming his guilty pleasure. He shouldn’t be embarassed in the slightest that his roommate caught him on camera doing this, though. Your roommate just made you the most coveted bachelor on the internet. Which can be extremely flattering or equally terrifying. Just avoid looking at the YouTube comments. Just have the ladies go through your manager, which you should definitely have, since you have well over 3 million views now. Your almost as hip as #AlexFromTarget. Almost.

To the people who do give this guy crap for dancing in his boxers like nobody is watching: you have some self confidence issues that you need to figure out. Haterz, you’re just jealous you can’t groove as smoothly while partially revealed as this guy at 8 in the morning.

Next time you’re cleaning your college apartment or dorm, take everything off and turn some show tunes on. I hear it’s the key to productivity…and you could even become YouTube famous.

Also did you guys notice the dog in this video?

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