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Once the weather starts to get colder, it is natural to start getting worried about catching an annoying cold that keeps you company for the entire winter.  Whether you catch the full blown flu or just a little cold, nobody wants to be sick at all.  The real question here is, do the cold temperatures actually make you sick at all?  Was your mother right when she told you you would get a cold if you went outside without a coat, or is that just an old wives tale?

This video from AsapSCIENCE does an excellent job at explaining the science behind colds, and whether or not being cold can make you sick.  The video is an awesome blend of really cute doodles and simple, to the point verbal explanations of everything. I was honestly mesmerized watching the little doodles get drawn on the screen, definitely works in terms of holding the viewer’s attention.  Overall, it seems like literally, being cold won’t directly make you sick.  However, many things that happen to your body and the actual viruses that make you sick when it is cold, can make you sick.  For example, when it is cold out, we tend to spend more time inside, decreasing our exposure to Vitamin D, and puts us into closer proximity with more people, giving pathogens more chances to spread.

If you really aren’t sure how colds happen, and want to protect yourself from getting sick with knowledge, give this video a watch.

How do you stay healthy in winter?