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When you’re in college a lot changes from your Freshman year to your Senior year. Think about it, your first year you don’t know many people (if anyone at all) and you, for the most part, are still just trying to figure things out.

Come senior year, you are so much in a routine that you can’t even imagine what it was like before you knew what you were doing. After four years you might not try as hard to look nice for your 9am History lecture. Without the ease of eating at the dining hall, your diet starts to slip a bit. When you first arrive on campus you know about every single party and find a way to attend them all, but by Senior year you are perfectly content just pounding a box of Franzia or a 30 rack on the couch in front of a movie.

Some things stay the same though. Despite hating homework and having to go to class, college is one of the best times of your life, and you may feel a little reluctant to leave. Sure, we were totally stoked to not have to take another Math exam ever again, but now we have to start paying back our loans. Gross.

This BuzzFeed video totally hits the nail on the head showing the differences in what college life is like Freshman year vs Senior year. It was so spot on we actually wonder if they were secretly following us around campus for 4 years. That hoodie does look really familiar…

Check out the video below.

What was your freshman year like?