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The selfie has become its own art form–every aspect matters: angle, lighting, caption, emotion. But when (if there is one) is an appropriate time to post a selife?

Is it narcissistic or does it help young girls redefine the standards of beauty? Will it come across as some pathetic plea for attention or remind us of the self-portraits of the tortured genius and artist Vincent Van Gogh? #idontnormallypostselfiesbutjustbeingoofyandlivinlifelol

This girl has some struggles with her conscience in her decision to post a selfie. Part of her encourages it, assuring her that it’s not a plea for attention, while the other reminds us that taking a selfie in the bathroom where we just ‘went’ and holding up a feminism poster while sticking out our tongue and looking beautiful at the same time doesn’t really make sense.

Selfie mona lisa

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And her friends remind us after the selfie is posted that despite what our friends say behind our backs about the post, they somehow manage to still show support and throw you a like!

My selfies don’t go beyond the confines of Snapchat where I selectively send pictures of me with triple chins to a few carefully chosen friends, but others have wider boundaries… such as Instagram and Facebook where, if they think they look good, they will post and wait for the feedback. “Relax, no first draft ever made it to Instagram.”

Personally, I think that selfies should stay one friend to another, unless you’re Ellen or if you have no make up on and it’s for cancer. So next time you’re considering a selfie, remember your audience, the face your making and the message your sending–and remember the angelic and the devilish sides of your conscience.

CollegeHumor always knows what’s up…but first, let me take as #selfie

Would you post a selfie on social media?