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How many times have you heard the “Should You Go To College?” debate? How many times have you laughed at the opposing sides’ arguments? We know we usually want to bury our head in a pillow and wish it would all go away when experts start weighing the cost of tuition against the likelihood of hire post-graduation. Leave it to College Humor to lighten up this groan-inducing subject and leave us laughing. This is of course not the first time we have thanked them for their sheer comedic genius, nor will it be the last.

The video (featured below) is part of College Humor’s “Yay or Nay” series, in which its cast members are posed a question to ponder and answer. Each video in the series covers a different topic; examples of previously posed queries include: “Is summer the worst season?“; “Is North Korea awesome?”; and “Are Drugs Good For You?” The cast members decide their answers for themselves, yay or nay, and back up their conclusions with (not surprisingly) hilarious evidence.

Video highlights: one comedian on the Yay team (aka the pro-college side) affirms that college is worth it because it gives youth a four-year break between living with their parents and living with their parents. We’ve been over this reality before, but it doesn’t make it any less painfully true. Conversely, the video’s Nay team cites the downsides of college, like the casual $47,000 dollars of debt students are left with upon graduating (need help figuring that out, by the way?), and the fact that college is like a never-ending summer camp, which for some translates to four years spent indoors and crying. Where my fellow camp-haters at?

Oh and finally, what about the life-long friendships you made at all those poolside parties and in the too-close-for-comfort dorms? The Nay-college-sayers are sure those deep and emotional connections will last. Until you’re about 23. Sorry.

Watch the video below to hear why you should and/or shouldn’t go to college. We promise, the College Humor team has far more entertaining reasoning than the analysts on your mother’s favorite morning talk show.

Do you think college is worth it?