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We recently discovered College Humor’s “Yay or Nay” series and we’ve gotta say, we’re impressed. This time we’re laughing at the video, “Yay or Nay: Is Summer the Worst Season?”. Summer break is just about in full swing for us college students: our only peers still suffering in school are those who are subject to the quarter system, which keeps their final exam periods trucking until, well, now (UCSB’s final day of testing was June 13th — jeez). The rest of us are already feeling the effects of the season, though, so we thought this silly and seasonal clip was appropriate.


Thankfully we aren’t far enough into our few off-months for the summer brain drain to sink in. For now, it’s all about the highs and lows: our appreciation for chunks of free time, our disdain for our summer-job bosses, carefree concert-going and crippling sweat stains. In other words, the summer certainly has its ups and downs, and College Humor is distinctly aware of them all. In the hilarious video featured below, the comedy website’s cast members consider whether summer is the best or worst season. Their reasoning is as amusing as you’d expect it to be.

Some humorous highlights, please? The “Nay” team (those who disagree that summer is the worst season) draws attention to the fact that during the summer, one can drink a singular beer outside and be drunk in 30 minutes, thanks to the hot sun. Also, summer is swimming pool season, which means it’s way easier to urinate in public (apparently that’s something to celebrate?).

The “Yay” team’s justifications that summer is indeed the worst season include the fact that murder rates skyrocket during the summer (wait, is that actually true?) and that McDonald’s doesn’t serve its McRib sandwich during the summer months, which apparently makes life less worthwhile. Completely logical.

Watch the video below for more laughable summer pros and cons.

Summer: love it or hate it?