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This video from CollegeHumor is literally the funniest thing we have ever seen. LITERALLY.

Okay so not literally, but it is pretty funny.

It seems like in the last year or so, the word literally has taken over the world. Everyone is “literally dying” and that burger is “literally the best thing” you have ever eaten even though that is what you said about the pizza you ate for dinner the night before. The problem with people using “literally” so much is that most of the time they really mean they are doing something “figuratively” instead of “literally crying right now.”

This video from CollegeHumor shows what can happen if you start crying “literally” much like what happened to the boy who cried wolf. Be careful because the more you tell your friends that you are “literally dying” the less they will believe you when you are, in fact, literally dying due to being stabbed by a vagrant. However if you are “figuratively starving to death” then the next time you are stuck in the desert for 6 days and are finally rescued and say you are “literally starving to death” your rescuers will believe you and offer you some food and water instead of brushing you off.

Exaggeration is fine every once in a while, but we have become quite the hyperbolic generation, don’t you think? Maybe we need to cut back on “literally” a bit and just tell things like it is. Or you know, just keep crying literally and face the consequences. Your call.

Seriously though this video is literally so on point.


Are you literally dying right now?