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Video: Things Disney Characters Do That’d Be Creepy In Real Life

Be my guest… You can come out when you learn to respect me.

It’s no secret that Disney is largely criticized for portraying unrealistic and unhealthy relationships to it’s young audience that consists of mostly 1-10 year old little girls and boys. For as long as I can remember, I have always watched Disney movies. The story lines were always thrilling, and I always loved that everyone always lived happily every after. Now that I am older, I still enjoy them, but I see many flaws throughout these movies. In these films, many of the plots give young girls and boys unrealistic expectations for life and relationships . Many of the families created in Disney movies are dysfunctional.  The princesses only associate themselves with animals and non-human objects. They teach children that the bad people are almost always old, fat, or ugly.

As we grow up, we very quickly realize that there might not always be a happy ending, we won’t always find our prince or princess, and Good doesn’t always win its battle vs. Evil. We spent most of our childhood looking through rose-colored lenses, and taking them off wasn’t an easy adjustment. Children living under the pretense of Disney princess plots may develop a subconscious expectation for positivity that reality just can’t meet sometimes. They might not know how to cope with negative situations, which are only magnified when compared to movies, especially Disney movies.

In this video, BuzzFeed further proves the theory that Disney sets unrealistic standards for relationships and shows us things that Disney characters do that’d be creepy if we did them in real life. Locking someone in a room until they respect you, combing your hair with a fork, talking to a parrot on your shoulder, and raising a new born baby up to the sky just don’t seem to work like they do in the animated fantasy world that is Disney. Hilarious in the video, but way too awkward and wrong in real life.

What was your favorite awkward Disney moment?

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