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Yesterday was Thursday and you know what that means — it was time for Daily Grace‘s weekly tutorial video (“Daily Grace is going to teach you – how to – do – something“) and this week’s topic was how to lie to your friends.

Now let’s just preface this with: duh, obviously you shouldn’t lie to your friends. But this how-to sesh isn’t gigantic lies like covering up that time you slept with your best friend’s ex or whatever. This is all about white lies — specifically, telling your friends they look great in their new outfit/haircut/shoes/etc. when they definitely do not. They’re the harmless kind of lies, but sometimes they’re the hardest to tell. Good thing Daily Grace is here to make it a little easier on us!

So how does one lie to their friends? Well, here are some of the pointers we gathered from Grace:

1. State something totally obvious about them, in a really excited tone of voice (e.g. “THAT’S A SHIRT!”)

2. Use descriptions that sound positive but have nothing to do with their physical appearance (e.g. “very cool!”) and then change the subject to something really serious.

3. Be brutally honest, and then pretend you’re just kidding.

4. Excitedly yell names of foods or countries. (e.g. “CHEESE AND CRACKERS!”)

But to be totally honest with you, Daily Grace describes it a heck of a lot better, so check out the video below.

Which of Daily Grace’s tips is your favorite?