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It is Friday and the freakin’ weekend is so close we can taste it. Not almost taste it. We can actually taste it and it tastes like Reese’s peanut butter cups, catching up on Teen Wolf and not going outside. The only problem is that to unlock the weekend achievement you need to make it through level five Friday workday and it is like the hardest level and the mega boss “Low Motivation” is one of the hardest ones to beat.

We feel you.

It is important to make sure to always look like your productivity is high at work, even when it might not be. If your job is to scour tumblr for things to reblog and searching YouTube for daily videos then it is very easy to make procrastination look like research. However, not everyone is that lucky so thank god Grace Helbig has jumped in and saved the day.

In our video of the day she walks us through how to look busy at work while procrastinating. A lot of it seems to revolve around saying the word “business” over and over again. Which definitely seems like something we can handle.

We are going to put her suggestions to the test for the rest of the day and hope and pray that the weekend comes faster than it normally does.

How do you survive Fridays at work?