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We’re always impressed when college students do incredible things, whether it be dancing their way across China or something as simple as flawlessly playing music using only household kitchen items.

Wait. What?

Yes, you read that correctly. Playing music with household kitchen items, like wine glasses and frying pans. It’s a thing. And it’s pretty awesome. College student (from the University of Central Arkansas) and YouTuber, Dan Newbie, is proof.

Last month, Newbie posted a cover of Pharrell’s hit song “Happy” played on wine glasses, pots, and pans. The video went viral with over 148,000 views. He followed it up a few weeks later with a cover of “Let It Go” which, is amazing and kind of makes us want to cry it’s so good (seriously, will Frozen ever get old?) But his latest upload, a wine glass version of the “Super Mario Bros” theme song, is the one that hits us right in the childhood.

What’s amazing about Newbie’s videos is, he proves that you don’t need actual instruments to create beautiful music — all you need is a little creativity (and maybe a water glass or two…or 20. You know.) His dished up version of the “Super Mario Bros” theme is perfect — every note is dead on, and you will be feeling the nostalgia in mere seconds. Not to mention, wondering “how the heck does he do that?!” We’re still floored.

Check out the video below!

Which wine glass cover is your favorite?