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Tinder continues to make an entertaining trip around social media from “Tinder: the Musical” to this sketch with Dave Franco and Conan O’Brien. They begin by creating fake profiles on Tinder under the names “Chip Whitley” and “Jangus (spelling?) Roundstone.” They include in their profiles some information about themselves: Chip loves chai lattes and showering while Jangus “enjoys wearing Crocs for their style over their comfort.”

While I am confused what their ultimate goal of this experiment really is, I am definitely entertained by the entire idea and the way they are going about it. Are they trying to meet someone as their alter ego and experience Tinder? I would have thought so until Dave immediately gave away his real identity when he messaged his match, Courtney.

What is also unusual is how willing Courtney was to give her address to Dave when he could have been a murderer or who knows what…”I have never more felt like a murderer on the prowl than I do right now.” Well, Conan, you are definitely going about this in a abnormal and somewhat sketchy way, but Courtney’s diggin’ it.

While we can agree with the two that the van was 100% extremely sketchy, Native American painting, duck tape and all, they are also celebrities and come with a camera crew so how sketchy were they really. In fact, some girls tried to pick them up on their drive over to see Courtney.

Unfortunately, Conan was not quite as successful as Dave who got several matches, while Conan only got one (Gloria, 74) who then ditched him for Dave.

The ultimate conclusion that they were able to draw from it was that you can use Tinder to meet up with random people at night outside of a creepy van (Brown Lightening) and then never see them again after that! At least we got some laughs !

¬†What do you think of Conan & Dave’s Tinder remote?