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I’m a huge sucker for those YouTube videos where one person sings all the different parts of a song and clips them together into an A capella mash-up masterpiece. This video is no exception, but it’s made even better by the fact that its about being drunk. Not gonna lie, Zoe Anne might hit you where it hurts with her song lyrics, because they are seriously accurate. Try not to think “yep, that’s happened to me before” at least once throughout the entire thing.

‘The Drunk Song’ mentions hangovers, cheap wine, beer pong, alcohol-induced Beyoncé-level confidence and general liver abuse. (Sounds a lot like… college.) If you’re not feeling regretful yet, check out this lyric from the last verse:

“The only clue is a text,

Unknown number, it’s left you perplexed,

‘Hey, last night was fun,’

What the hell have you done!”

I can’t decide if I love or hate this song, because while it kind of feels like I’m being scolded, I literally cannot stop singing it. Be warned: the song is abnormally catchy. You may or may not feel bad about yourself after listening, but either way, there’s no denying that this girl has an awesome voice and a real talent for songwriting.  While watching this video probably won’t stop us college kids from making drunken fools of our selves every now and again, I highly recommend re-watching it in the morning after a messy night out. It’s weirdly reprimanding, but with a happy tune that’ll help with even the worst hangover. For more great songs by Zoe Anne, visit her YouTube channel, and share this one with your friends if you think they can relate.

Can you relate to ‘The Drunk Song’?

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