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There is no denying that The Hunger Games is a great film.  Jennifer Lawrence is just perfect and you can’t go wrong with anything starring her.  With any great film, especially in this age of advanced technology, there are inevitably going to be a slew of remakes or spoofs, ranging from awful to brilliant, to awfully brilliant.

The Pet Collective tried their hand at remaking The Hunger Games by swapping out human actors for cats and constructing all of the scenery out of cardboard. The characters are drawn onto the cardboard, with faces cutout and filled by cute little kittens.  I’m not sure if I think the video is adorable or just plain weird, but either way the cat-nip crumbles, it is pretty hysterical.  I really liked how they incorporated some great cat jokes into the real plot, like playing on the always funny “I’m a cat, I have 9 lives, you can’t kill me!” joke.

Why on earth are we directing you towards this ridiculous video? Well, as I’m sure you Hunger Games fans out there already know this, but Catching Fire is finally very very soon!  This great little summary, thanks to the cats. would be a great way to pre-game the new movie if you don’t have the time to watch the first one, or if you would just rather watch cats than humans.

Check out this feline theatrical masterpiece, but more importantly don’t forget to run out to see Catching Fire!

Are you excited for Cat-ching Fire?