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Having been a student at a city college, it baffles me when college students encounter wildlife that aren’t pigeons and rats. My only encounter was with a deer in the middle of the street while I was visiting my friend at UC Berkeley, and that in itself was a remarkable event! So seeing this video of a deer invading the college cafeteria of Concordia University in Wisconsin just boggles my mind. According to the youtube user, chanuksa, the deer broke in through the west-end glassed hallway and made a grand entrance right past the cafeteria  main entrance. After the people inside the cafeteria scrambled to get out of the deer’s way, it jumped out of a screened window from the east end.

CRAZY. Judging from the length of the deer’s antlers, he’s not a very old animal either!

You can watch the video right here:

I have a question for the Concordia staff: is there actually protocol for instances like this? I’m serious.

 What would you do if a deer invaded your college cafeteria?