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Happily never after may be the more appropriate ending to these famous fairy tales. BuzzFeedPop released “Disney Stories That Will Ruin Your Childhood,” a video that tells the original tales that inspired your seven-year-old self’s favorite Disney flicks. Warning: the real stories behind these seemingly peachy plots are not your average storybook endings –they’re actually pretty gruesome. Read on if you’re in the mood to have your dreams crushed.


A short clip from BuzzFeed tells the harrowing truth about the original versions of some of Disney’s most popular movies, including Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas. The video starts off slow, explaining that in the original version of The Little Mermaid, Ariel gets ditched by the prince for another woman. In truth, we aren’t totally shocked; Disney movies were always good at instilling glorified perceptions of life and love in children (Who else had the clout to convince little kids that beasts got with beauties and dog couples shared spaghetti and meatballs like it was no big deal?). Call us frigid, but The Little Mermaid‘s breakup is hardly upsetting in comparison to what comes next…

According to the video, murder, suicide and sexual abuse were all in the cards for our favorite childhood characters: Ariel planned to kill the prince after he other-womaned her, but instead she killed herself, while Sleeping Beauty was raped by a king who found her sleeping body only to awaken nine months later giving birth to a child. We’ve heard that Walt Disney was a weird dude (we’re talking a possible racist / misogynist / megalomaniac), but whoever was writing the original fairy tales back in the day was, quite honestly, disturbed.

Watch the video at your own risk. You’ll probably go from Happy to Grumpy in a minute and 28 seconds flat.

What was your favorite Disney movie as a child?