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Epic Meal Time has been gracing YouTube since 2010. The Canadian cooking show is notorious for creating intensely high calorie meals usually made out of meat products. The show was originally started by Harley Morenstein and some friends when they posted a video of Harley eating a six-patty Wendy’s hamburger. Since then the show has grown in popularity and expanded to different spin-offs as well.

This week’s video of the week is a Learn How To Cook video from the epic meal time guys. In this episode of learn to cook, they teach us how to make Doritos finger food. Which is exactly what it sounds like. The guys make your classic finger foods: chicken wings, cheese sticks, and onion rings but this time they are coated in the dust of nacho cheese Doritos. As always, drinking is involved with this creation although no alcohol (surprisingly) goes into the recipe.

As Epic Meal Time videos usually are, this one borders on disgusting and weirdly appetizing and it is filled with humor. These recipes are surprisingly tame as well, and while they are by no means healthy they are healthy compared to what they usually make on Epic Meal Time. So check out the video and if you try any of the recipes, please, please, please let us know.

Would you eat any of these Doritos recipes?