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Last week, we posted a mouth-watering compilation of the many different types of drunchies (drunk + munchies) that we experience after having a few too many at the bar. From pizza slices topped with everything in the fridge to platters of fried dumplings and egg rolls, drunchies are known for being super delicious and super unhealthy. But hey, who’s thinking about their blood sugar and cholesterol levels when they’re super intoxicated at four a.m? When all you can feel is the combination of rum and bad decisions sloshing around in your stomach, you know that its time to fill yourself with something fatty and carby to soak up all of the evils in your system (#drunklogic). So you call up your favorite late night delivery place or head to your fridge and throw cheese, leftover chicken, and more cheese onto a tortilla and microwave it to perfection and feed your violent drunchies. Life is beautiful.

But, these instances only reflect the American version of the drunchies. It’s a big world out there, people, and there is a lot of food to discover. Bright spices and exotic ingredients flavor the traditional dishes of every country from England to Japan, from the Czech Republic to Brazil. Food is a reflection of a culture’s identity, the flavors and the textures tying people together in a way nothing else can. And so, if you find yourself really drunk in Germany, forget the chicken nuggets and instead grab yourself a nice big plate of currywurst and fries. It’s different from what you’d eat in your college dorm room, but it’s still fatty, fried, and covered in mayo.

Drunchies are universal which is why every single country has their own food to satisfy them. So take a look at this video and see how just a handful of countries around the world top off a night of drinking.

Which drunk food do you want to try?