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Happy Earth Day everyone! Even though we think you should be doing your part to recycle and live greener year-round (hey, think about how many solo cups, Keystone Light cans, and Miller High Life bottles wind up in dumps because of your irresponsible partying ways!) today is the day to really raise awareness across the country.

So, let’s get you up to speed on your Earth Day facts. This animated short tells you all you need to know about recycling and energy usage in a cute and well-made cartoon. Learn all about fossil fuels, what ends up in landfills, and how many things can actually be recycled! Check out the video below (and stay tuned for a bonus underneath that can help you translate your Earth Day concerns into ways to help your college!)

Is your school one of the greenest college campuses in the country? This awesome infographic explains everything you need to know about what colleges can do to be greener and which colleges are at the top of their recycling game.

We hope this helps you to devote at least a little portion of your day thinking about how you can be greener and help the planet, and maybe even brainstorm ideas on how to get your school to kick things up a notch and get green.

Greenest College Campuses Earth Day 2013

Happy Earth Day!

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