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Apparently, Elon University students are big fans of Friends!

A group of friends from Elon University’s 2013 graduating class decided to get together to make something memorable: they made a shot-for-shot, perfect recreation of the opening credits to our favorite 90s show, Friends, in front of the school’s iconic fountain. The video is flawless, and it even replays side-by-side against its famous predecessor so that you can more easily make the comparisons.

The students, Lucie Miller, Sarah Davenport, Alexis Deprey, David Gwynn, Will Anderson and Patrick Cunningham, worked on the video for 15 hours over a span of two nights, according to Good Morning America. David Gwynn, who posted the video on his YouTube account, also dished that the two students who played Rachel and Ross actually got engaged a few days after filming. (How cute is that?! It’s like Friends is real, almost.) He also confessed that they were initially going to be rebels and jump in the fountain without the school’s permission, but decided to do things the right way after all.

We always love seeing students showing off their talents and doing cool/awesome things, so we were so excited to see this video. The 90s kid in all of us died a little; it’s true. If you’re a Friends fan (and we know you are!) then you just have to see this video. Check it out below and tell us your thoughts!

What do you think of Elon University’s take on Friends?