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Last fall, Google released a commercial for their Chromebook that seriously tugs at the heartstrings. The commercial features a new college freshman, Jess, and how she uses the video chat on her Chromebook to keep in touch with her dad while she’s away. In only a minute, it showcases her homesickness, her frustrations, introducing her new boyfriend to her father, and her dad giving her some much needed encouragement in her mother’s memory (it’s implied that she passed away.)

The commercial is a tearjerker, to say the least, and it does both a really good job of emotionally investing potential consumers in the product but also in depicting a new college student’s point of view of going away to school. It’s no wonder it’s been nominated for an Emmy!

And whether or not you buy a Chromebook, this commercial also highlights the importance of keeping in touch with the people you love while you’re away at school, be they family or friends. It never hurts to have a support system to keep you going through midterms, finals, and any other stressful moments of your college career.

I hope Google’s commercial wins. Here’s to it making me get emotional for almost a year now!