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Easter is almost here (Happy Good Friday everyone! Wait. Do people actually say that? Whatever. We can start a new tradition!) and you know what that means? Easter candy! Time to break out the jelly beans and Cadbury Creme Eggs! Just don’t break out the Peeps because they’re not exactly appetizing.

Well, actually, you can break out the Peeps, but only if you promise they’ll be used only for microwaving. In fact, this year, we’re thinking you should start a new tradition for Easter. Take microwaving those awful marshmallow bunnies and chicks to a whole new level – don’t just blow them up! Make them fight each other in the process. What we mean is, it’s time for Peeps jousting.

Don’t look at us like that! Peeps jousting is actually a thing and it is truly hilarious. The key is to get really into it, maybe even set up a tournament like they did in the video below. Here’s how to do it:

Take each peep and stick a toothpick (sword) in them so that it is facing outwards. Place two of them on a paper plate or napkin, facing each other – make sure the “swords” are no more than 1/2 inch away from touching their opponent (the peep, not the sword – use the video for reference.) Microwave for 45 seconds, and enjoy.

Editor’s note: you can check out the results of my attempt at Peeps jousting on my twitter.

Check out the video below and get to jousting!

Will you be starting a Peeps jousting tournament this Easter?