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Even though we’re all grown up now (well, mostly,) the occasional, rare snow day is definitely worth celebrating! Few things are more fun than sledding on campus on lunch trays instead of being stuck in a boring lecture.  And snowball fights? Awesome! But, really, any excuse to not have class and act like a kid again is a good one!

That must be why nearly 6,000 people in Seattle, Washington bundled up and got together to have one epic snowball fight last weekend – effectively breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest snowball fight ever! It was more than just your average snowball fight, too. They had a DJ, and participants in the fight got together to create buckets and buckets full of snowballs and protecting walls made out of snow in anticipation of the record-breaking event. Contour Cameras filmed the whole thing, and we have to say – it looks like so much fun. We wish we lived near Seattle, because we totally would’ve gone!

This video inspires us to have our own epic snowball fight, but sadly despite being absolutely freezing outside, it’s not snowing. We’ll have to hold off on that one and save the hot cocoa and cider for a later date. Oh well.

Would you (or did you?!) participate in the world’s largest snowball fight?
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