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Alright class, raise your hand if you have Facebook open right now. If you raised your hand then you will definitely enjoy this video. AVbyte returns with this awesome musical about Facebook that clocks in at just under 3 minutes. It’s surprising that it doesn’t have more views because this video is definitely something that most people can relate to. Isn’t one of the best ways to kill time to refresh Facebook?

AVbyte are the YouTubers behind videos like “Hipster Disney Princesses-THE MUSICAL” and “The Walking Dead-The Musical” but we think that “Facebook-The Musical” is definitely one of the best (along with their Harry Potter “Draw My Life” video that we posted not too long ago!) Hopefully they will end up doing others for the other various social media sites. Twitter and Instagram could definitely be hilarious.

After just one viewing of this video you’ll definitely be able to sing along. Especially with the incredibly catchy (and sadly all too true) lyrics, “FACEBOOK/ FACEBOOK/ GOTTA CHECK MY FACEBOOK/ GOTTA TAKE ANOTHER LOOK/ NOTHING NEW/ I AM HOOKED/ WHAT TO DO/ HIT REFRESH”

If you haven’t already watched other videos by AVByte, definitely do that, but without further adieu…here’s Facebook-The Musical! Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

What part of Facebook keeps you the most addicted?