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Look, the time for change has come. It is upon us. You — yes, you — are the future of this country, and it’s time you started taking responsibility for your actions. Don’t just stand there. Break free of tradition; break free of the binds that tie you to normalcy. Do not buy your dad a tie for Father’s Day.

Yes, we’re talking about Father’s Day. It’s coming up, and we’re thinking you don’t have a gift yet. Or, if you do, it’s a tie. Or a pair of cuff-links. Or maybe a white t-shirt with “World’s Best Dad” scrawled across the front. Are we right? Return it. Return it all.

You’re lucky to have us, you know. Here you are, struggling to think of something to give your dad on Father’s Day, and we swoop in with a video that is sure to blow your minds. No, you’re not giving your dad a YouTube video (that would be silly because he probably doesn’t know how to use YouTube). Instead, the video is giving you ideas. Brilliant ideas, we might add. BuzzFeed, naturally, has thought of everything. Add a little support to your dad’s everyday life and give him a GPS that pats him on the back. “The destination will be on your left, hotshot,” it’ll say. Demonstrate your artistic side and re-do a picture you drew in kindergarten. Sure, you’re no Van Gogh, but you can probably draw better than a five-year-old. We hope.

Seriously, this video is gold. Or silver. Well, maybe it’s bronze. But in our hearts, it’s winning a medal. BuzzFeed isn’t just a reason not to do your homework. It’s not only a cause for the bags under your eyes (we all know that seven hours of sleep would be pretty easy to achieve if the Internet hadn’t been invented). It’s also, as of today, the reason you are not buying your dad yet another tie for Father’s Day. Sure, he works five days a week. That’s 20 ties a month! That’s 240 ties a year! No. It’s not. Ties can be worn more than once. Way more than once.

Just put down the tie and watch the video.

So, now what will you get your dad for Father’s Day?