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Eminem is 41 years old. Nintendo 64 came out 18 years ago (and Nintendo Game Boy celebrated its 25th anniversary this year). Kids born in 2000 are teenagers now. Do all of these facts make you feel old? Are you deeply terrified right now?

Well, the people over at College Humor don’t feel bad for you at all. In fact, they are extremely bothered by you, probably rightly so. Their hilarious new video, “If You’re Only 20-Something, Stop Saying You’re Old,” sarcastically explains why us 20-somethings need to get over ourselves, stat.  The two-minute clip does that by featuring two conversations simultaneously, one that occurs among a bunch of 25-year-olds who tirelessly complain about meaningless concerns that make them feel old and another that occurs between two elderly people who describe far more depressing realities without a trace of the same kind of contempt for aging.

If You're Only 20-Something Still

The video’s synopsis sums it up loud and clear. It reads: “Your grandpa thinks he’s old because he fought in World War II. You think you’re old because you saw Mean Girls in theaters and you’re an idiot.” We totally catch your drift, College Humor, and we almost always agree with what you have to say. In all honesty, though, Mean Girls did teach us a lot about life. We don’t care if that’s wrong or not.

The two opposing dialogues in the video are not only hysterical but also insanely frightening, because they leave us wondering if we are actually that self-involved. (Note: No one answer that question). When was the last time you deemed going to the bathroom your greatest struggle (no one answer that, either) or had your a molar fall out–into your palm–or realized that you were the last living member of your family? Probably, hopefully, not recently…or ever. These are some of the concerns nonchalantly mentioned by the elderly pair in the video, while those in their twenties are preoccupied with the updates that have been made to the Chuck E. Cheese mascot. (Really, though, who made the atrocious decision that that mouse be skinny? Truly unacceptable.)

And yes, we do stand by the statement that the 20-somethings in this video are nothing like us. I mean, why would they be?

So, what makes you feel (irrationally) old?