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Don and Tony (or Jamie Kilstein and John Frusciante) are right…Expendables III may have the potential to be “f*cking awesome” but where are all the women?! In the trailer that came out in April, out of the 16 cast members it credits, only one is a woman.

These two “Feminist Bros” discuss the lack of women in the Expendables series and do so by making subtle comments such as marking the date on the “bell hooks calendar” and that they hope the female character is really “fleshed out” not a “female character with her flesh out.”

“Is it the perfect statement solidifying that we live in a patriarchy?” Don asks.

We stereotype them as “Bros” because of their tone of voice and the way they are speaking, so sometimes we miss their feminist comments or don’t realize what they are actually talking about.

The CitizenRadio channel has tons of interviews and podcasts with different guests as well as weekly features such as “The Adventures of Mansplain.” CitizenRadio seeks to discuss news that the mainstream news does not cover, such as lack of women in the movie Expendables III.  This is the first “Feminist Bros” video and while it may need a little improvement, it is a grand gesture to the world of feminism.

What do you think of the “Feminist Bros”?