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We now interrupt your usually funny/entertaining video of the day to bring you: a giant squid! Footage of the first live giant squid caught on video in it’s natural habitat, that is. Why is that so cool? Because, science (obviously.) The squid is huge, weighing in at over 600 pounds, but somehow manages to remain a mysteriously elusive underwater creature – until now, at least.

The L.A. Times wrote:

The video of the giant squid was shot 2,000 feet below the North Pacific Ocean, about 260 miles south of Tokyo.

Scientists on the squid-finding mission had hoped to film at least a tentacle or two, but they got lucky: By the time the expedition was over, they had collected more than 23 minutes of the giant squid in the murky deep.

Looks like those scientists got way more than they bargained for! Basically, this is a really interesting development for marine science. But, then again, I have a huge fascination (read: major phobia) with the ocean so that may be why I’m so intrigued. Either way, it’s cool news!

The footage took 4 years to capture and will be airing as “Monster Squid: The Giant is Real” on the Discovery Channel on January 27th, but until then we have a preview from slatester to tide you over. Check it out below!

What do you think of the giant squid footage?

Featured photo via The Atlantic Wire