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It’s safe to say that Disney’s Frozen was a pretty great movie. If you’re a huge fan of animated kids movies like we are, then you can agree that Frozen is at the top of your list for “movies to watch when all you feel like doing is staying in with sweats and endless snacks.”

But all obsessions aside, let’s talk about the content of the movie. Yes, stop singing “Let It Go” for the 5th day in a row — or more like the “F*ck It All” parody version. It’s time for you to realize that despite how much you enjoyed the movie, there was just something about the plot that made you feel a little…frustrated. Hundreds of thoughts ran through your head like, “Why can’t Elsa just play with Anna?,” “Why is she so scared of her powers?” “DIDN’T SHE HEAR THE TROLL ABOUT AVOIDING FEAR?!” and most importantly, “Why didn’t her parents help her handle this in a better way?”

Yes, yes, we know, these things were done for the sake of the plot. But what about poor Anna who didn’t have a sister to play with for so many years? Or even lonely Elsa who was locked in her room, isolated from humanity like she was battling the plague. There was just so much unnecessary pain that could’ve been avoided if only the situation was handled differently.

Well, we’re not the only ones who felt like there was unnecessary conflict with Elsa’s power. Thanks to How It Should Have Ended, we got to see an alternate ending to Frozen. This ending recognizes the gap between what the magical troll said and what Elsa’s parents actually did and then fills it with an appropriate solution.┬áIn HISHE’s alternate ending, the troll emphasizes on the importance of love and avoiding fear, which eventually leads Elsa’s parents to do the only logical thing. And we have to say, this ending leaves us with absolutely no frustration. We have no problems with how this situation was handled.

Which Frozen ending do you prefer?