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Can someone just take a second and tell me why exactly Furbies were a must-have back in the 90s? If you didn’t have a Furby, you probably ate your lunch alone in the elementary-school cafeteria. They were hip, they were cool, and you needed to have one otherwise your life was over. But, seriously, why? Furbies are ugly. They’re hairy and weird, and for some reason they have beaks instead of mouths. They wobble around and shout nonsensical words in a language that definitely doesn’t exist and and giggle until you throw them against the wall. You basically purchased a furry infant that has an abnormally difficult time learning to speak. And somehow that was appealing? To everyone? It just doesn’t make sense. Until now.

Honestly, I wasn’t even aware that the Furby still existed until I saw this video. Sure, they were exceptionally popular back in the day, but that was before everyone and their mother realized that a Furby is the most annoying half-toy-half-weird-little-monster to ever grace the aisles of Toys-R-Us. Nobody kept a Furby for longer than a month because it would never shut up. You could take the batteries out and it would still yell at you with words that somehow don’t contain any vowels. But now I’ve seen the light. I have finally realized the worth of a Furby. I appreciate them. I understand them. I salute them.

You’re probably wondering why someone who’s certifiably insane is allowed to write for a website, but that’s because you haven’t seen the video yet. My love for Furbies — about a decade too late — is completely justified, and once you click “play,” you’ll be praising Furbies right along with me. BuzzFeed has successfully taken the worst part about a Furby — the fact that it’s the most obnoxious toy in the entire world — and turned it into the best part. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Furby Prank Call. It’s genius. It’s hilarious. It’s the only reason Furbies have the right to still exist.

So, are Furbies making their big comeback?