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For college students, TV is a luxury – on your sick days or rainy days with no class (or hungover Sundays) it’s not uncommon to watch Law & Order: SVU marathons or spend the entire day on Netflix. Friends re-runs? You got it. Catching up on Game of Thrones? For sure. So what if you could have both? You know, Friends and Game of Thrones, coming together to form some sort of epic TV 90s-meets-now series? Wouldn’t that be the answer to every college student’s prayers?

Well, thanks to YouTuber YuesWoman has made just that happen. Well, maybe not exactly that. But, she has sparked our dream of it coming true. She made a video mashup of Game of Thrones and Friends, where clips from GOT are perfectly in sync with the theme song of Friends. So, while it may not be a perfect mix of the two to create a dream TV combo, it’s enough to satisfy our thoughts about it. Check out the video below, and see how two of TV’s greatest shows combine!

What do you think of this Game of Thrones vs. Friends mashup?