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We here at CampusRiot are really excited to announce that we will be posting weekly TV recaps (it was one of our New Year’s resolutions!) starting very soon. And by “very soon” we actually mean January 14th – the day after Girls season 2 premieres on HBO. Lena Dunham fans everywhere, rejoice! If you loved Girls last season, then you’re in for a treat with season 2. If you never watched or have no idea what show we’re talking about, consider the next two weeks your perfect excuse to catch up before the premiere. And don’t say you’re too busy; we all know you’re at home on the couch reveling in the glory that is winter break, so this is perfect timing to find a new show to love. Check out the trailer below and prepare to be hooked!

 Are you as excited for the Girls Season 2 premiere as we are? Tell us below!

Featured photo via ZayZay.