This YouTube video has been going viral since it was posted just a few days ago. Mark Grist, the writer and performer in the video, performs an entire poem where he explains what he wants in a girl. He starts out in a bar with some friends, and the question is asked, “What do you go for in a girl?”  He says that some guys are more into the physical traits, but when the question finally comes to him, he simply states that he wants a girl who reads. He then goes on a tangent, and in his poem he talks about a girl who reads has vigor, and can kick his ass in arguments with her broad vocabulary. Now, Grist has nothing against admiring a woman’s physical beauty as well, which gives this poem a great balance during his performance. Grist even incorporates his admiration for physical beauty by comparing it to certain scenes she would read in her books, which is a funny, yet touching and honest way of explaining that both the physical and emotional aspects are important. He’s admitting to both being human and being attracted to physical traits, but to also wanting a girl who is interesting, unique, and smart.

This video no doubt has sparked a bit of controversy among viewers, ranging from comments that condone and love his poem, to those saying it shouldn’t be that profound to find a woman reading something sexy. There are others that say that finding a woman intellectual shouldn’t be something that should be pointed out. As for me, I think it’s a great performance and a poem that is relatable, witty, and honest. Grist says he wants “a girl with passion, wit, and dreams.” Double swoon. Now, here’s to hoping that this has some kind of impact, because that means I’m in luck.

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Like I said… Swoon.

What do you think of “Girls Who Read”?