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The New York Times says “Wait, What?”

I’m sure you’ve heard of Good Will Hunting, you know, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s self-directed breakout film from the 90’s. But have you heard of Good Will Batman? In this updated version of the classic film, “recut and re-mastered like you’ve never seen before,” Batman plays Ben Affleck’s character Chuckie Sullivan. (Not really, but this video cuts Batman in for Chuckie so seamlessly it seems like it could be real.) Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies of all-time, and this video is pretty darn funny. Watching Batman portray some of Affleck’s most iconic scenes is a sight to be seen.

Every time Ben opens his eyes he is staring at another mockery of his casting as Batman. (Or maybe he’s being smart and ignoring all of the banter). We had a funny post about Affleck playing Batman a few weeks ago, and here we are again, posting yet another video that makes fun of him. You can’t blame us, it’s a hot topic and this video is hilarious. Ben, if you’re listening, I believe in you and think you’re going to do well in the role. Batman’s advice to Matt Damon: “I would give anything to have what you got, so I wouldn’t have to spend my nights in a bat cave solving riddles with a preposterously large computer.”

Which do you prefer: Good Will Hunting? Or Good Will Batman?