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We could not be more excited that Halloween is tomorrow. We are all about Halloween at the SC headquarters and have been spending the last month or so getting spooked at every haunted house we can find. Despite the protests from out friends. We pride ourselves with our ability to survive any sort of horror movie situation that we may come across. Halloween is basically right up there with Christmas for us. So we cannot wait for tomorrow.

Which is obviously why we absolutely love this BuzzFeed video.

Betsy is a Bushmonster and she loves to scare people. Obviously. Dudes are always trying to act macho in haunted houses, but everyone knows they are just as scared as the rest of us. This video proves that they can jump higher than us all when Betsy jumps out at them. Those screams are pretty loud boys…

It’s okay to get scared at haunted houses. No one should be ashamed of that. That is the whole point of them! It is pretty funny watching these people get scared though. Especially the couple that is making out and is joined by an unexpected third party.

This is the perfect video to watch if you don’t want to be scared yourself. However we definitely recommend getting into the spirit and watching a few spooky movies.

And if this video is too scary even for you, then just remind yourself: Betsy the Bushmonster isn’t real. You’ll be fine. We promise.

Or will you?


Are you excited for Halloween?