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If you’re a fan of the internet, then you know exactly who Grumpy Cat is. And if you’re a true fan of Grumpy Cat, then you know that her real name is Tardar Sauce and that she’s a real cat with a slight case of kitty cat dwarfism.

Feline dwarfism is the best thing that could have ever happened to Tardar Sauce. Not only is she the face of countless famous memes on the internet, but now she’s starring in a MOVIE. I bet you can’t name five other cats that have achieved these accomplishments. Tardar Sauce, you are THE most famous cat in the world.

Rumors about this movie have been around for a while, and now the trailer for Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever has finally been released. While it appears it has potential to be another corny Lifetime movie, we don’t care. We embrace the corniness to come because GRUMPY CAT is in it. Like, we finally get to hear what her voice would be like (thank you Aubrey Plaza) and to watch how she would  interact with humans other than in memes. Also, the movie takes place during Christmas time. If you don’t like watching Christmas this festive time of year then you need to re-evaluate your life. A Christmas movie that stars Grumpy Cat? I can feel the tears coming already. I’ve said it before, I’m a pretty simple person. This movie is already one of my favorites.

The sad thing is, we have to wait until Saturday November 29th at 8/7c. Until then, I will be watching this trailer on repeat, hanging Grumpy Cat memes on my wall, and sending pics of Grumpy Cat to my mom saying “I want this cat for Christmas.” The only thing sadder than the fact that we have to wait even longer for this movie is that I don’t know where to find a felined-dwarfed Grumpy Cat for myself. If you know where to get one, please let us know.

Are you counting down until November 29th?